The South Initiative

Featuring events, community dialogue, and public messaging in states across the southern United States, the fastest growing region in America, the South Initiative is intended to deepen engagement with elected officials, community leaders, businesses, and other key stakeholders on the importance of global engagement, diplomacy, and development to America. With over 95 percent of the world’s consumers outside U.S. borders and the fastest-growing markets in developing countries, the Initiative will explore ways for America to lead on supply-chain solutions for American competitiveness in the global marketplace.   

Stories from the South: Building the Future of U.S. Global Leadership


Delivering Results to the South

In South Florida, Deputy Secretary of State Brian McKeon joined high-level local leaders and stakeholders for a discussion on how the State Department advances effective and accountable assistance that delivers greater results for Floridians. The Deputy Secretary’s message connected with local universities and business communities as well as students from diverse backgrounds as he underscored the value of diverse voices in U.S. foreign policy priorities.


Advancing Our Interests Through Public-Private Partnerships

Atlanta is an economic powerhouse and a hub for businesses and innovation in the South. At an event in Atlanta, Georgia, the State Department’s Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Dorothy McAuliffe, discussed the importance and need for public-partnerships and how private sector investment is already widely outpacing U.S. spending in global development. These conversations aren’t limited to Georgia.  In North Carolina, the Millennium Challenge Corporation teamed up with USGLC to host a conversation with Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mahmoud Bah on how partnerships and innovation are more important than ever for America’s leadership, especially against the backdrop of growing global threats and crises.

North Carolina

From Advocate to Lawmaker

When USGLC engages and educates emerging leaders on the importance of global leadership, it gets results as those leaders go on to make critical decisions on foreign policy and America’s role in the world. Like Congresswoman Deborah Ross (D-NC-02), a former USGLC North Carolina Advisory Committee Member, who went back to her USGLC roots and joined us for a discussion in Raleigh with other local leaders. The event underscored the importance of engaging community leaders about how America’s leadership in the world is critical to states like North Carolina.

Introducing the South Initiative at Global Impact Forum 2022

Thank you to Coca-Cola for their support!

We are grateful for the leadership and generous support from our friends at The Coca-Cola Company for the South Initiative. As a world-class and innovative company, Coca-Cola understands the power of global development and diplomacy to advance America’s leadership in the world economy and is committed to addressing our most pressing global challenges by making a difference in communities around the world.

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