What We Do

The USGLC works in our nation’s capital and across the country to strengthen America’s civilian-led tools — development and diplomacy — alongside defense. By advocating for a strong International Affairs Budget, the USGLC is working to make America’s international affairs programs a keystone of U.S. foreign policy.

Who We Are

Coalition Members

The USGLC brings together more than 500 businesses and non-profits from across the country. Together, we believe that investing in America’s tools of development and diplomacy isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also the smart thing to do.

Advisory Councils

The USGLC’s National Advisory Council brings together distinguished leaders including former Cabinet officials, members of Congress, and every living Secretary of State. The National Security Advisory Council includes more than 200 retired three- and four-star generals and admirals among its ranks.

Board Members

The USGLC’s two boards bring together executives from some of the nation’s top businesses and non-profits who support strengthening America’s international affairs programs.

Veterans for Smart Power

Over 30,000 U.S. military veterans from all branches and ranks share the commitment to elevate America’s civilian tools alongside a strong defense to prevent conflict and keep our nation safe.


The support of our partners allows the Center for U.S. Global Leadership – the educational arm of the USGLC – to educate and engage the American public and opinion leaders across the country about the importance of America’s civilian tools of development and diplomacy.

State Network

The USGLC works across the country in partnership with State Advisory Committees and supporters to educate community leaders and members of Congress on the positive impact that U.S. international affairs programs have on a local, state, and nationwide level.

Conservative Foreign Policy Study Group

USGLC’s Conservative Foreign Policy Study Group consists of a group of distinguished conservative foreign policy and national security experts who served in the Trump Administration and who share our commitment to strengthening America’s global leadership to advance our economic and security interests.