The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s Advisory Councils are comprised of former Cabinet officials, U.S. Senators and Representatives as well as three and four-star generals and admirals from all five branches of the Armed Forces.

Advisory Council

The USGLC’s National Advisory Council brings together distinguished leaders including former Cabinet officials, members of Congress, and every living Secretary of State and provides strategic counsel to the USGLC on its efforts to advocate for a strong U.S. International Affairs Budget and educate opinion leaders.

National Security Advisory Council

Admiral James G. Stavridis, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

General Anthony C. Zinni, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)


The National Security Advisory Council includes more than 250 retired three- and four-star generals and admirals among its ranks and supports advancing America’s national security by strengthening all the tools of national security — diplomacy and development, alongside a strong defense.