Veterans for Smart Power

A Network of 30,000 Veterans

Veterans for Smart Power is a network of veterans committed to leveraging all of our strength as a nation. The threats facing the United States cannot be solved by military power alone. Development and diplomacy, alongside a strong defense, help keep America safe in this rapidly changing world.

Keeping America Strong and Safe

America’s international affairs programs help ensure that our servicemen and women are only sent into harm’s way as a last resort. By partnering with strategic allies, U.S engagement builds strong institutions, prevents crises, promotes the rule of law, and inspires a new generation of leaders.

Educating and Inspiring Support

Are you a veteran who supports U.S. global engagement? Join us! Attend our next event in your state. Meet with your members of Congress. And educate others on the importance of U.S. civilian leadership.

Questions? Reach out to us.

Gretchen Klingler, Deputy Director, Veteran Outreach

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