Background on the candidate’s statements, positions, and record on diplomacy, global development, and America’s role the world

On global economic engagement:

  • Montana Governor and former Chair of the National Governors Association, Steve Bullock recently released his a foreign policy platform and has promised to “keep America safe and restore our standing as a global leader.”
  • Bullock has stated that the U.S. should “rejoin the community of nations with international diplomacy based on American values.”

On global development:

  • Governor Bullock has called on the U.S. to “provide African nations with the tools they need,” to address their growing population and global development needs.
  • At a candidate forum, he spoke out on the issue of aid to the Northern Triangle, stating, “We don’t believe in cutting off aid to the Central American countries.”

On global economic development:

  • Governor Bullock has addressed the need for U.S. leadership in opening new markets for American goods and services. As governor of an agricultural state, Bullock has noted that “without foreign markets, Montana farmers would need every resident to eat 400 loaves of bread a day.”
  • As governor, he has led several trade missions, including to China, Taiwan, and South Korea, saying that “with an increasingly connected global economy, I am committed to enhancing the competitiveness of Montana businesses in the international marketplace.”

On alliances:

  • Governor Bullock has called “the construction of the post-war liberal world order through our establishment of a system of alliances and institutions” the greatest foreign policy accomplishment of the United States since World War II.
  • He has said he will “lead our allies in a coalition to promote a rules-based international community that resolves conflicts instead of exacerbating tensions.” He has called for the U.S. to work with allies to solve global challenges, adding that “no one nation can solve the challenge of climate change alone.”
  • On our NATO allies, he has stated he will “reestablish respectful relationships and mutual aid,” noting that “our alliances make our planet safer.”