Background on the candidate’s statements, positions, and record on diplomacy, global development, and America’s role the world

On U.S. global leadership:

  • A two-term Governor and former Member of Congress, Governor Jay Inslee has largely focused his campaign on tackling global climate change, saying “defeating climate change is the defining challenge of our time and that it must be the foremost priority for the next president.”
  • By tackling climate change, he has said “our nation can simultaneously re-establish its place as a leader, trusted partner, and reliable actor in the community of nations, while restoring and strengthening ties with our closest allies and nations in the most vulnerable parts of the world.”
  • He has laid out a comprehensive plan to tackle global climate change that calls for “putting climate action at the center of American foreign policy.”

On global development and climate change:

  • As part of his plan, Governor Inslee has highlighted the value of foreign assistance as a means of increasing resilience to extreme weather, proposing to “Direct the U.S. Agency for Global development (USAID), the State Department, and other development and relief agencies to work across programs and prioritize support for locally driven efforts to stabilize local economies and provide for sustainable livelihoods in the face of climate disruption, to increase economic opportunity and wealth creation and reduce the need for families to migrate.”
  • He has spoken on the international implications of climate change and fragile states, saying, “I met with admirals and generals in Seattle a few weeks ago and they were telling me that the Pentagon’s hair is on fire over the mass migrations that are going to happen because of climate change creating political instability.”
  • Inslee had a supportive record on the International Affairs Budget during his time in Congress, co-sponsoring several notable bills like the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2012, the 21st Century Global Health Technology Act, and Global Poverty Act of 2007. In 2011, he voted against several amendments that would have cut the International Affairs Budget.

On global economic engagement:

  • As governor, Inslee led trade missions to Mexico, Italy, Korea, and Japan.

On aid to the Northern Triangle:

  • On the border crisis, Governor Inslee has focused on the root causes of displacement and migration driven by climate change, stating “water scarcity and degradation of the viability of coffee growing in the western highlands of Guatemala and other agricultural areas is being severely exacerbated by climate change. These ecological and economic changes undermine the foundations of whole communities and regions and increase migration to the United States and elsewhere.”
  • He has said, “The United States must assist the governments of the Northern Triangle nations in addressing the root causes of large-scale family migration to the United States.”