Background on the candidate’s statements, positions, and record on diplomacy, global development, and America’s role the world

On U.S. global leadership:

  • New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has not laid out a detailed foreign policy vision on the campaign trail, but has emphasized his experience leading New York, home to the United Nations, saying “This is one of the great global cities of the world, possibly the most diverse place on earth… understanding their culture, understanding their homelands. The United Nations – which I’ve done a lot of work with – being based here is important.”
  • He has framed U.S. leadership in the context of tackling global climate change, noting that America is “helping to build a more urgent, international movement.” He has stated that “We will not walk alone. We will press onward, joined by leaders from around the world who share this sense of urgency, and, if necessary, we will push others along, because only through a global movement can we act before it is too late.”

On diplomacy, global development, and global health:

  • Speaking out on the need for diplomacy to address global conflicts, Mayor de Blasio has said the U.S. needs to “try to forge a real peace plan” in Afghanistan.
  • He has also traveled to Central and Latin America and said the crises in Venezuela and the Northern Triangle “must be addressed with both diplomatic measures and economic measures, but not through military intervention.”

On global health:

  • During the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Mayor De Blasio  stated “Fighting Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone will keep us healthy here at home.”

On global economic engagement:

  • Mayor De Blasio has led a number of trade and diplomatic missions to Italy, Africa, Israel, and Japan and observed, “Trade is a crucial part of our economy.”
  • He is skeptical of international trade agreements like NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership saying, “NAFTA took away almost a million jobs in this country – tens of thousands of them here in New York State. We saw places all over this country – towns and cities devastated… that’s what NAFTA did, and we have every reason to believe that TPP will do the same. And that’s why we have to stand up and fight against it.”

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