White House Press Secretary – Karine Jean-Pierre
White House

Karine Jean-Pierre

White House Press Secretary

Serves as the primary spokesperson for the executive branch of government.

Karine Jean-Pierre is the White House Press Secretary, spokesperson for the Biden administration.

Prior to becoming Press Secretary, Jean-Pierre was the Biden Administration’s Principal Deputy Press Secretary. She also worked on both Biden and Obama’s presidential campaigns. She also served as Chief Public Affairs Officer for MoveOn.org.

On China: “The President’s approach to China has not changed. And, again, we’ve been very clear, we do not seek conflict, and we do not want conflict.  What we’re seeking is competition, and we’ve been very clear about that these past two years.” (source)

On Women and girls: “President Biden has made improving the status of women and girls a cornerstone of his administration, and we are focused on lifting up the rights of women and girls through every aspect of both our foreign and domestic policy.” (source)