Director of the African Development Bank – Oren Whyche-Shaw

Oren Whyche-Shaw

Director of the African Development Bank

Oren Whyche-Shaw is the U.S. Director of the African Development Bank.

Whyche-Shaw previously served at USAID from 2015 to 2020 as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Africa Bureau, Coordinator for President Obama’s Partnership in Growth, and Coordinator for the Trade Africa Initiative. Prior to joining USAID in 2011, Ms. Whyche-Shaw served as the Director for the Office of African Nations and as Senior Advisor in the Multilateral Development Bank Office of the Department of Treasury.

Past statements on development, diplomacy, and U.S. global leadership:

On African Development: “Africa has the opportunity to leapfrog. Not to build upon the systems that were… but to literally leap over it… I think we need to look at it more broadly from the policy makers’ perspectives to also look in terms of ‘what does that mean,’ taking a step back to say, if we want to encourage this new approach, then what does that mean in terms of the policies and where the emphasis [is].” (source)

On Energy Poverty: “People think of it in terms of the children sitting at a candle doing their homework, but it also has a direct impact on food security. The irrigation of crops is directly related to power. The health situation of populations and their ability to produce [is] directly related to energy.” (Source)

On African Economic Growth: “African institutions and research networks have been in the forefront of building African capacity for development research, and contributing to the development, ownership, and implementation of sound economic policies…. The global context, the economic context, is evolving, and there are new challenges on African countries and governments.” (source)

On Education: “Investing in essential educational infrastructure is to improve economic growth, attract foreign investment, create new jobs and ensure the prosperity of each and every Ghanaian child.” (Source)