USGLC’s Top 10 Blogs of 2018

December 21, 2018 By Cody Corrington

With growing challenges around the world – from devastating famines to pandemics to political instability overseas (and some division here at home) – it is clear that America must continue its legacy as a global leader.

And as 2018 draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at our top stories of the year. We’ve told stories of impact, showcased successes in global development, and explored some of the toughest issues in politics and foreign policy.

Here are USGLC’s top 10 blogs of 2018:

  1. “Transforming” USAID: Reforms to Maximize Effectiveness
  2. What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Shutdown – International Affairs Edition
  3. Poverty is Sexist
  4. Military Combatant Commanders Agree, Once More: Civilian Forces Essential to National Security
  5. Hope and Impact: Countering Trafficking Through Development
  6. Fragility to Stability: An Investment in Global Security
  7. Fighting Poachers, Saving Wildlife, and Sowing the Seeds for Economic Growth
  8. Women and Water: The Partnership Taking on the Global Water Crisis to Lift Up Women
  9. Closing the Digital Divide: Driving Development Overseas
  10. How Much Do America’s NATO Allies Spend on Global Development?