Michigan's preeminence in manufacturing and industrial research & development make it the ideal home for export-based industries, and its strategic location offers easy access to Asian, European, and North and South American markets. Overall, Michigan exported nearly $60 billion worth of goods in 2017, with international trade supporting more than one million good-paying Michigan jobs.

Job Creation

  • In Michigan, 1,029,400 jobs (18.3%) are supported by trade, including 271,337 jobs supported by manufactured goods exports in 2016.1
  • In 2015, 14,680 companies exported goods from Michigan of which 89% were small- and medium-sized enterprises. In 2015, 238,100 people were employed by affiliates of companies at least 50% foreign-owned.2

Exports and Growth

  • Michigan exported $59.8 billion in goods to foreign markets in 2017. Michigan's largest markets in 2017 were:2
    • Canada ($24.8 billion)
    • Mexico ($12.5 billion)
    • China ($3.6 billion)
    • Brazil ($2.2 billion)
    • Germany ($1.9 billion)
  • Agricultural exports are important to Michigan's' economy, totaling $2.7 billion in 2016, according to the USDA.3
  • Since 2013, the U.S. Export-Import Bank has financed $6 billion in exports from 146 companies in Michigan.4
  • Since 1971, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation has invested $1.7 billion in Michigan companies for overseas investment.5

Education and Research

  • In 2015-2016, 11,146 Michigan students studied abroad.6
  • During 2017, 34,296 international students were enrolled in Michigan colleges and universities and contributed $1.1 billion to the Michigan economy.6

Global Engagement

  • Since 1961, 7,518 Peace Corps volunteers from Michigan have served in dozens of countries overseas.7