Kaysie Brown

Kaysie Brown, Global Policy Director & Strategist

Kaysie Brown joins the USGLC as Global Policy Director and Strategist. Kaysie previously served in the Biden-Harris Administration as Senior Advisor in the Coordinator’s Office for COVID-19 Response and Health Security. She was also a member of the Biden-Harris transition review team of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, served as Chief of Staff for the Sustainable Development Goals U.S. negotiating team, and worked on fragility and conflict response at the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations. From 2015-2021, Kaysie was Vice President for Policy & Strategic Initiatives at the United Nations Foundation. She has overseen projects and research at the Council on Foreign Relations, Center for Global Development, and the International Peace Institute. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Kaysie holds a master’s degree from the University of Oxford and a bachelor’s degree from Lewis & Clark College.

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