U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations – Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Department of State

Linda Thomas-Greenfield

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Serves as Ambassador, leading the United States delegation to the United Nations and representing the United States at the Security Council and General Assembly.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield serves as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN.

Past statements on development, diplomacy, and U.S. global leadership:

On America’s Global Leadership: As Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Thomas-Greenfield often spoke about the importance of American global engagement, saying in testimony to the House Appropriations Committee, “Advancing the values and interests of our country and promoting stability in the world does matter to our citizens, whether it results in jobs and economic opportunity, connections between communities, or the safety and security we aim to achieve.”

On Global Health: As Assistant Secretary, Thomas-Greenfield wrote about the impact of infectious diseases, saying, “As the world confronts the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, we draw lessons and hope from our battle against another one.  In Africa, 7.6 million people are alive today because they are on treatment for HIV/AIDS, thanks to PEPFAR.  Just a decade ago, nearly all would have faced a certain death sentence.  Both epidemics have demonstrated the importance of robust public health systems, the imperative of a strong international response, and the indispensability of local leadership.”

On Democracy: Addressing the House Appropriations Committee, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield said, “Support for democracy, good governance, and respect for basic rights are the keys to stability and security. That stability is what attracts investors and allows economic growth, which in turn can help stave off further conflict.”

On Global Food Security:  As Assistant Secretary, Thomas-Greenfield said, “We are in the throes of a food crisis in Africa, and we’re on the edge of a famine in Ethiopia,” and noted that improving agriculture helps promote peace and prosperity.

On Africa: As Assistant Secretary, Thomas-Greenfield said to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “Given state fragility, conflict, and transnational security issues, the promotion of peace and security in Africa remains one of the United States’ highest priorities, and is critical to attainment of our democracy and governance, economic, and development goals.”

On global economic engagement:  As Assistant Secretary, Thomas-Greenfield addressed the House Appropriations Committee, noting that “Africa is home to eight of the ten fastest growing economies in the world…Power Africa and Trade Africa specifically, are key to turning these opportunities into long-term growth and prosperity.”

On State Department Reform:  In an article on State Department reform co-authored with William Burns, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield wrote, “The State Department is capable of reform. The challenge has always been to link that reform to wise statecraft and adequate funding.”

On the Foreign Service: In an interview with Diversity Abroad, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield said, “Diversity is really key to us in the Foreign Service. It’s a high priority. It’s one of the top priorities that I have established as the Director General of the Foreign Service, but it’s also a priority that’s been with the Department for quite some time and we’ve invested a lot of resources and attention to diversity.”