Deputy Secretary of State
Department of State

Wendy Sherman

Deputy Secretary of State

Serves as principal deputy and advisor to the Secretary of State and oversees all resource allocation and management activities of the department.

Wendy Sherman serves as Deputy Secretary of State.

Past statements on development, diplomacy, and U.S. global leadership:

On U.S. Global Leadership: In an interview from July 2020, Ambassador Sherman emphasized the importance of the U.S. rejoining the global sphere, saying, “the world always works better when America is at the table, when we are bringing our values, our leadership, our expertise, and our capabilities to that table.” (Source)

On Diplomacy:  At an event commemorating the creation of the United Nations, she observed, “My parents taught me a lesson I have never forgotten. If you want to know the price of failed diplomacy – talk to a veteran.”

On the COVID-19 Pandemic: Ambassador Sherman said in November 2020, “This will not be the last pandemic that the world confronts… As imperfect as it may be, we need the World Health Organization because if we don’t deal with COVID-19 all around the world, it will boomerang right back to the United States of America as soon as people get on airplanes.” (Source)

On Alliances: Ambassador Sherman highlighted the importance of NATO in 2017, saying it “is the most successful security alliance that the world has ever seen. It has kept Europe at peace. It has helped outside of that theater as well.” (Source)

On China: In February 2020, Ambassador Sherman noted: “Where we can, we must work with China. Where we must challenge them, we must confront them when necessary. Our greatest immediate challenge is of course in the arena of technology, where they hold the data set of unparalleled proportion and are moving rapidly into the 5G world and into artificial intelligence. Our government, our private sector, must invest more in research, development and planning for a world that looks very different than the world today.” (Source)

On Climate Change: “Many have a hard time embracing [it]. Whether the extreme intensity of Australian fires, the fear of losing Miami Beach, or the unanticipated melting of a Pine Island glacier of Antarctica… climate change is the greatest threat to the future of our planet.” (Source)