With a strong and growing coalition in Michigan, the USGLC works to educate and engage policymakers and community leaders on why investments in development and diplomacy help keep America safe and strengthen Michigan’s economy.

The USGLC’s Michigan Advisory Committee brings together more than 80 business, faith, non-profit, and political leaders who understand how American global leadership matters for Michigan. We’re also proud of Michigan’s Veterans for Smart Power – part of a nationwide network of 30,000 veterans.

Advisory Committee Co-Chairs

Hendrik “Hank” G. Meijer

Meijer Inc. Executive Chairman

Hon. Brenda Lawrence

U.S. House of Representatives (2015-2023)

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Top Facts

In 2021, Michigan exported
$55.5 billion
in goods to foreign markets.

In Michigan,
1,118,900 jobs (19.40%)
are supported by trade.

In 2018-2019,
11,520 students
in Michigan studied abroad.

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