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Guest Contributor – William Moore

Guest Contributor – William Moore, CEO, The Eleanor Crook Foundation

William Moore has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Eleanor Crook Foundation since 2015. In his role as the first CEO and first full-time employee of ECF, he has led the organization in developing an ambitious strategy and investment plan, building partnerships across the global health and development community, and serving as a vocal spokesperson for the issue of global malnutrition. Moore serves on the Board of Directors for Bread for the World and The Alliance to End Hunger, as well as the United Nations Foundation’s Global Leadership Council. 

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  • August 23, 2021

    Reigniting the Fight Against Global Malnutrition

    Guest Contributor - William Moore in Global Development | August 23, 2021

    The world has witnessed the significant and tragic loss of more than 3 million people due COVID-19 over the past year. What hasn’t made headlines is the more than 3 million children who have died from malnutrition during that same time, and the tens of millions more who will face lifelong consequences after suffering from malnutrition during critical periods of their growth. Now, experts predict that the COVID-19 pandemic could cause up to a 50% rise in severe malnutrition — 10,000 more child deaths each month as a result of pandemic-related disruptions in essential services.