• Statement

    USGLC Applauds Confirmation of Ambassador Mark Green to Lead USAID

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition President and CEO, Liz Schrayer, released the following statement on the confirmation of Ambassador Mark Green to be the next Administrator of USAID.

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  • Vote

    Senate Confirms Mark Green to be USAID Administrator

    The Senate confirms Mark Green to be the Administrator of USAID by unanimous consent.

  • Legislation

    Reach Every Mother and Child Act (S. 1730)

    Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Chris Coons (D-DE), along with eight additional original co-sponsors, introduce the Reach Every Mother and Child Act (S. 1730). The bill would establish a strategy to combat preventable newborn, child, and maternal deaths and require a report on the implementation of the strategy. It would also designate a Child and Maternal Survival Coordinator at USAID.

  • Budget Update

    International Affairs Budget Update 7/21/17

    1. Senate Funding Guidance Released—International Affairs Budget Protected
    2. House State-Foreign Operations Bill Moves Forward
    3. House Budget Resolution Introduced—Steep Cut to the International Affairs Budget

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  • Statement

    Senate Appropriators Reject Deep Cuts to America’s Civilian Forces

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s President and CEO Liz Schrayer released the following statement on the guidance released by the Senate Appropriations Committee for the FY18 State-Foreign Operations spending bill.

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  • Hearing

    Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY18 Allocations & FY18 Agriculture Appropriations bill

    The Senate Appropriations Committee approves FY18 302(b) allocations and its FY18 Agriculture Appropriations bill. The Committee announces $51.2 billion in topline spending for its FY18 State-Foreign Operations (SFOPS) bill. The $51.2 billion is split between $30.4 billion in base and $20.8 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funding.

    The Agriculture spending bill provides $1.6 billion for the Food for Peace (PL 480/international food assistance) program. It funds the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition program at $206.6 million, $4.6 million (2%) more than the House and the FY17 enacted level.

  • Hearing

    House Appropriations Committee Approves FY18 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill

    The House Appropriations Committee approves its FY18 State-Foreign Operations spending bill, setting it up for a potential—but unlikely—vote on the House floor in September.

  • Hearing

    House Budget Committee Approves FY18 Budget Resolution

    The House Budget Committee approves its FY18 Budget Resolution on a largely party-line vote of 22-14. The resolution sets out $511 billion for non-defense discretionary spending, which is about $5 billion below the Budget Control Act (BCA) cap for FY18. It provides $48.3 billion for the International Affairs Budget, including $36.3 billion in base and $12 billion in OCO funding.

  • Legislation

    Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act (S. 1580)

    Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), along with Senators Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV), introduce the Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act (S. 1580). The bill seeks to improve the transparency, coordination, and intensify the impact of assistance to support access to primary and secondary education for displaced children and persons, including women and girls.

  • Hearing

    Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee Marks Up FY18 Spending Bill

    The Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee marks up its FY18 spending bill.

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