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International Affairs FY2017 Budget Breakdown

International Affairs FY2017 Budget Breakdown

In today’s interconnected world, America must use all of the instruments of national security and foreign policy at its disposal. America’s civilian tools of diplomacy and development are critical, which is why the USGLC supports a strong and effective International Affairs Budget for:

  • Protecting National Security by fighting terrorism, stabilizing weak and fragile states, combating weapons proliferation, and promoting global stability;
  • Building Economic Prosperity by developing international markets, driving economic development, creating American jobs, and expanding exports;
  • Strengthening Humanitarian Values by saving lives, alleviating global poverty and hunger, fighting HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, and expanding educational opportunities for women and girls.
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Colombia’s Thank You to the American People

When Colombia’s President Juan Santos visited the United States last week to discuss his country’s progress, he said, “I came here to say thank you. Thank you to the American people… for what you have done helping us go through a very difficult time in Colombia… This is a successful story in a world which […]

Is our budget keeping up with a dangerous world? 6 takeaways from the FY17 budget request

Get USGLC’s exclusive report on the President’s International Affairs Budget request here. With all eyes on New Hampshire today and the 2016 presidential horserace, it’s pretty easy to miss a relatively wonky, but actually important moment in Washington: the kickoff to the budget season with the Administration’s release of its proposal to Congress. What’s consequential […]

On the Super Bowl, Power Africa, and Feed the Future

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! Did you know that televisions alone will use more than 11 million kilowatt-hours of energy during the game? As you turn on your TV, it’s worth taking a moment to note that Congress had a rare and important moment of agreement this week: increasing access to electricity in Africa. […]

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Economic development is a lot cheaper than sending soldiers.

Robert Gates Former Secretary of Defense

The account we’re talking about can make the difference between a safe America or an at-risk America… if you don’t see it as a national security tool, then I think that we are missing the mark as a nation.

Lindsey Graham United States Senator

If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition.

General James Mattis Former Commander of United States Central Command

It would make Americans less safe and harm our economy to turn away from the world at a time when our leadership and engagement is especially necessary. We would miss opportunities for greater prosperity and stability and sow the seeds of greater indebtedness.

Senator Bob Corker Ranking Member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The programs supported by the International Affairs Budget are as essential to our national security as defense programs. Development and diplomacy protect our nation by addressing the root causes of terrorism and conflict. But it’s not just about security. By building new markets overseas for American products, the International Affairs Budget creates jobs and boosts the economy here at home.

Tom Ridge Former Secretary of Homeland Security

The investments we make today in the developing world will help create the jobs of tomorrow here in America. Right now, the tough choice is to maintain foreign assistance, not to cut it. Right now, the bold act of leadership is to defend spending on key international programs, not to attack it.

Bill Gates Chairman of Microsoft

Greater engagement through diplomacy and development is not an option in today’s world: it is a necessity. Investing in American diplomacy serves the interests of our country in all corners of the globe and helps create a better, safer world.

Madeleine Albright Former Secretary of State

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