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Americans view North Korea as one of our nation’s biggest threats, according to a CNN poll this year, and for understandable reasons. North Korea recently tested its fifth nuclear device, raising tensions and destabilizing peace and security in Asia. While North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests have increased the urgency to curb their military build-up, […]

This year’s presidential debates will be different. While national security has had its own debate in the past, “Securing America” has been announced as one of the topics in the first and widely anticipated debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and will also be part of the other debates. In the wake of domestic […]

This article originally appeared on TIME Ideas. “Washington is broken, nothing is getting done” is a mantra we hear often these days. Yet there is one issue that has continuously broken through in this Congress with bipartisan support: America’s foreign assistance programs. Five major pieces of bipartisan legislation on global development have been signed into […]

While Congress debates additional resources to combat Zika this hot and steamy summer, over 900 entrepreneurs have been competing in a “Shark Tank”-like challenge for funding for new ideas to combat the virus. From an electric force field that repels mosquitoes to a mobile app that detects whether mosquitoes are carrying the virus, 21 ideas […]

Athletes from around the world have come together to compete in Rio in the 2016 Olympics, but they aren’t the only ones winning awards. This summer, we’re also celebrating organizations who’ve been outstanding global leaders. In the UN’s SDG Industry Index Report, Intel and Caterpillar were just two of the many private organizations recognized for […]

While the Republican and Democratic National Conventions painted different challenges for the next administration, speakers at both recognized the threats posed by weak and fragile states to America’s safety and prosperity. President Obama and others recently made a strong case for why the next administration must continue to invest in global development at this year’s […]

The global health threat posed by Zika was made starkly clear when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued a warning that pregnant women should not travel to a Miami neighborhood where the virus has spiked. Yet, around the same time, Colombia remarkably declared an end to its Zika epidemic. Colombia was […]

At last week’s White House Summit on Global Development, held at the U.S. Agency for International Development, civil society leaders, development experts, and private sector partners gathered to recognize progress we made in global development. The biggest news from the summit was signing of the Global Food Security Act into law, which authorized more than […]

  If the 65 million displaced people in the world today were a country, they would be the 21st largest country in the world. Fueling this mass displacement are numerous conflicts around the world, including four “Level 3” emergencies – the most severe classification – in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and South Sudan. The crisis in […]

It’s conventional wisdom that Congress doesn’t get much done in an election year. But under the radar, Congress has been remarkably productive at moving bipartisan legislation on foreign assistance. In December, Congress passed into law the Electrify Africa Act, which codifies the Power Africa initiative and leverages private sector resources to extend electricity access to […]

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