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As all eyes turn to Afghanistan and Pakistan following the recent devastating earthquake, the case of Nepal—also struck by powerful earthquakes this year—serves as a reminder for our potential to help nations become more resilient and prepare for likely disasters before they strike. Nestled high in the Himalayas, strategically located between China and India, sits […]

You may have heard of Taco Tuesday or Throw Back Thursday, but what about Hunger Wednesday? That was the theme this week, when Washington was, for a day at least, focused on ending global hunger. In two separate hearings, the House Foreign Affairs Committee tackled the separate issues of food aid reform and global food […]

By Piet deVries, Senior Advisor, Global Communities For four years, we were busy creating access to safe sanitation for communities in Liberia. And if not for an unprecedented epidemic of what is now one of the world’s most feared diseases — Ebola — almost no one outside of the country would have known about it. That wouldn’t have been […]

Godfrey Nyombi is the kind of young leader that represents Africa’s enormous potential. For the past seven years, he has served as the Regional Health Secretary in the remote region of Mtwara, Tanzania, where he works to expand access to quality health care by coordinating the efforts of local authorities with U.S. government agencies, universities, […]

What a difference a year can make. In 2014, some wondered whether Americans were “war weary” and wanted to pull back from the world. Fast forward past Russia’s invasion of Crimea, ISIS declaring a caliphate and brutally executing Americans, and Ebola landing in Dallas, and no one is asking: should the United States be engaged and lead in the world?

  President Reagan valued U.S. foreign assistance as a critical tool in his commitment to “peace through strength” and the fight for freedom around the world. “You know the excuses,” said Reagan, who opposed those in Congress who sought to reduce or eliminate the International Affairs Budget. “We can’t afford foreign aid anymore, or we’re wasting money […]

Deep-fried Twinkies were once again the rage at last week’s Iowa State Fair, but the presidential candidates are doing more than just tasting this annual favorite. As a self-declared political junkie, I’ve been closely following what the candidates are saying — from the New Hampshire town hall meetings and the Iowa “soapbox” speeches to the […]

Earlier this month we saw the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. This year also has special significance with the creation of the United Nations seven decades ago, and the beginning of America’s role as a global leader. That same year, Senator Arthur Vandenberg (R-MI), soon-to-be-named-Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee […]

With the first of the presidential primary debates behind us, one thing is certain: the debate over America’s role in the world is only just beginning. With that in mind – and given the recent news that Russia decided to ban the National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) activities in the country – let’s take a […]

Last week, global headlines focused on President Obama’s trip to Ethiopia and Kenya. During a tour of Faffa Foods– a baby food plant in Ethiopia– he met a woman that benefitted greatly from Feed the Future, USAID’s innovative food security program. Through the initiative, she was able to increase her crop yield significantly, empowering her […]

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