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Over the past two decades, there has been a dramatic transformation in developing countries: the number of people living in extreme poverty has been more than cut in half and, as a result, there are one billion fewer people living in extreme poverty today. But if we are going to achieve the United Nation’s sustainable […]

Wearing a red nose is a bold fashion choice. It’s silly. It makes you laugh. But that’s the point of Red Nose Day, a charity event on May 26 committed to raising awareness for ending child poverty. “Sharing a laugh brings people together,” explains the Red Nose Day website. “Wearing a Red Nose is a […]

In a turbulent political season where the candidates have confounded the conventional wisdom, many of us will turn to public opinion surveys for a hint of where Americans stand on foreign policy. Last week the Pew Research Center released an update of its study, “America’s Place in the World,” and I suppose it shouldn’t be […]

The 2016 baseball season is in full swing, and fans of the game have seen a remarkable change in recent years. Teams now track and measure an incredible amount of data from every game, from walks to batting average and earned run average to strikeouts. But a new focus on data and transparency hasn’t just […]

  As Congress considers the President’s emergency supplemental funding request to combat Zika, the news surrounding the virus is dim: The first American death from Zika was reported in Puerto Rico; Brazil has registered nearly 100,000 likely Zika cases; and recent studies are showing the disease may affect more babies than originally thought. At the […]

By Dr. David Kaslow, PATH A breakthrough in malaria vaccines has the potential to prevent millions of cases. Why was it so hard? We are on the cusp of achieving what, for decades, was considered to be unlikely: an effective vaccine against a human parasite. The parasite in question — malaria — has stayed several steps ahead of the […]

This week, a bipartisan group of former U.S. senators came together in support of America’s international affairs funding, urging the leaders of the Senate Appropriations Committee and the State-Foreign Operations Subcommittee to maintain America’s role in the world. As former colleagues, we write to relay our support for the International Affairs Budget and the important […]

The U.S. has been a global leader in researching, treating and combating infectious diseases around the globe. Today, in honor of World Health Day, let’s look back at some of America’s global health success stories. PEPFAR, or the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, is one of the largest international initiatives by a country to […]

What happens when the water in your home isn’t safe to drink? Across the world, about 663 million people — 1 in 10 — don’t have access to clean water. But in the amount of time it takes for us to go the kitchen, turn on the faucet, and fill up a glass, World Vision will have reached one […]

When you woke up this morning you probably brushed your teeth. You probably used the restroom, showered, or drank a glass of water. If this is true, it’s likely that you have access to a reliable water source: with the twist of a knob, you can summon safe drinking water on demand. Today, on World […]

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