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Congress Returns for Lame Duck Session

Lawmakers are returning to Washington after the midterm elections with at least one major pressing issue on the agenda: finalizing FY15 appropriations before the current Continuing Resolution (CR) expires on December 11th.  There are three scenarios for how it could play out: (1) Omnibus combining all 12 appropriations bills into one measure; (2) Short-term CR through early/mid 2015; or (3) Year-long CR.  In addition, wrapped into this debate will be consideration of the supplemental funding request to fight Ebola an additional supplemental request to fight ISIS, which the President is expected to request soon.


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The International Affairs Budget leverages just over one percent of our overall budget to support critical development and diplomacy programs around the world. Programs funded by the International Affairs Budget create jobs here at home by opening new markets to American businesses and protect our national security by fighting terrorism and preventing conflicts before they start. This efficient investment also staffs all U.S. embassies overseas, fights pandemic disease, provides emergency response after natural disasters, implements agriculture programs to promote stability and prevent hunger, saves millions of lives with HIV/AIDS medications and provides essential good governance assistance to newly emerging democracies.