In a fascinating and forward-looking fireside chat, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tackles the global challenges facing the United States and how the U.S. is responding. While not speaking for the Biden campaign, he shares what one might expect in a second Biden Administration on global development issues.

  • On global adversaries and authoritarianism: “We are seeing authoritarian states, Russia among them, look to systematically interfere and undermine democratic processes in the rest of the world… We do have to work closely with allies and partners to have a resilient push back against that.”
  • On China and U.S. investments in diplomacy and global development: “Those investments today will pay off a hundredfold tomorrow in conflicts avoided and people empowered… And frankly, you can’t talk about with a straight face geopolitical competition with China, and then not support these kinds of investments.”
  • On economic assistance for Ukraine: “The idea that somehow we can support the military effort, but not support Ukraine’s economy belies everything we know about sustaining an effective military campaign.”
  • On a second Biden Administration: “One thing, I would like to see… is a major initiative with the Congress aimed at truly delivering on the promise of unlocking resources for the developing world… actually resourcing the MDB reform effort… the debt relief dimension… [and] what we call corridors.”