August 5, 2021

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY22 Agriculture Bill

In a long-awaited start to the Senate’s FY22 appropriations process, this week the Appropriations Committee approved its first three spending bills – including the Agriculture Appropriations bill, which funds two international food assistance programs. The Agriculture Appropriations bill passed on a bipartisan 25-5 vote following approval at the subcommittee level earlier this week.

Importantly, the bill increases funding for two programs that provide assistance to combat hunger and malnutrition around the world:

  • $1.76 billion for Food for Peace, an increase of 1.1% ($20 million) compared to the FY21 enacted level.
  • $245 million for the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program, 6.5% ($15 million) above the FY21 enacted level.

Agriculture Appropriations International Programs Snapshot

FY21 Enacted

FY22 Request

FY22 House

FY22 Senate

Food for Peace/PL 480 Title II

$1.74 billion

$1.57 billion

$1.74 billion

$1.76 billion


$230 million

$230 million

$245 million

$245 million


$1.97 billion

$1.8 billion

$1.99 billion

$2.01 billion

The Senate Appropriations Committee has not yet released its 302(b) allocations for all twelve FY22 spending bills and is not expected to consider additional appropriations bills – including the State-Foreign Operations bill that funds the vast majority of the International Affairs Budget – before the upcoming August recess.