July 13, 2009

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY10 State, Foreign Operations Bill

On July 9th, the same day the House adopted H.R. 3081 – the FY10 State, Foreign Operation Appropriation bill – the Senate Appropriations Committee approved its own version (S. 1434). With a slightly smaller allocation than its House counterpart, the Senate Committee’s bill totals $48.7 billion, $152 million less than the House, $3.36 billion below the President’s request and $1.3 billion below present spending. The Committee utilized about $1.9 billion of “forward funding,” enacted earlier in the FY 2009 Emergency Supplemental, to cover gaps in several accounts for which the Committee could not meet in the FY10 request. On a net basis, taking into account FY09 “forward-funding,” the Senate measure is about $1.46 billion less (-2.8%) than the Administration’s proposal.
Read the full update, which includes:

  • Administration Initiatives Funded in Senate Bill
  • Significant Reductions to Administration’s Request
  • Comparison of Major Differences between the House and Senate Bills
  • Account-by-Account Comparison