April 1, 2014

International Affairs Budget Update, 4-1-14

House Budget Committee Releases FY15 Budget Resolution:
Troubling Cuts Made to International Affairs


Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) released the FY15 House Budget Resolution today, in advance of tomorrow’s markup by the House Budget Committee.  The plan, which adheres to the FY15 discretionary spending cap of $1.014 trillion established by December’s “Murray-Ryan” budget agreement, would balance the budget over 10 years by cutting discretionary and mandatory spending $5.1 trillion.

For the International Affairs Budget, the resolution provides a total of $45 billion for FY15, including $39.1 billion in base funding.  This represents an 11% cut compared to FY14 enacted funding and the Administration’s FY15 request.

The House funding level, if enacted, would mean that in the past five years, nearly one of every four dollars in base funding for the International Affairs Budget has been cut.  Given the numerous challenges in our world, including the crises in Syria, Ukraine, the Central African Republic, Venezuela and South Sudan, these cuts are very troubling.  USGLC issued a press statement expressing strong concern with the proposed cuts to America’s development and diplomatic tools outlined in the FY15 budget resolution.

The House is expected to debate the budget resolution next week, along with several alternative budgets, including one from the conservative Republican Study Committee and another from the House Democrats led by Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen (D-MD).

The Senate will not consider a FY15 Budget Resolution this year, given the two-year budget deal struck in December already sets the top-line discretionary budget ceilings for the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years.  Please visit USGLC’s Budget Center for future updates as well as a full analysis of the President’s FY15 Budget Request.

 International Affairs Budget Snapshot

FY10 Enacted

FY13 Enacted

 FY14 Final

FY15 Admin Request

FY15 House Resolution

$51.5 billion

$41.1 billion

$44.2 billion

$44.1 billion

$39.1 billion

$5.1 billion

$10.8 billion

$6.5 billion

$5.9 billion

$5.9 billion

$56.6 billion

$51.9 billion

$50.7 billion

$50.0 billion

$45.0 billion