November 4, 2011

International Affairs Budget Update, 11-2-11

Senate Action on FY12 State-Foreign Operations Bill Likely Postponed Until Next Week 

Senate floor action on the next FY12 minibus appropriations package, consisting of the State-Foreign Operations (S. 1601), Financial Services, and Energy-Water appropriations bills will likely begin next week, instead of this week as was earlier reported.  While the floor calendar still remains in flux and some initial debate on the minibus could occur later this week, Democrat and Republican leadership staff indicate that the bulk of the debate will take place next week.

The text of this next three-bill minibus was unveiled last night, following passage earlier in the day of the Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, and Transportation-HUD appropriations minibus.  That measure passed by a 69-30 vote, with 16 Republicans voting in favor of the measure.

As previously reported, the International Affairs Budget is very vulnerable to cutting amendments during Senate floor consideration.