March 25, 2009

House Budget Committee Cuts 10% from Administration’s International Affairs Request; Senate Budget Committee Expected to Cut International Affairs Budget

In a disappointing move, the House Budget Committee approved only $48.5 billion in funding for the FY10 International Affairs Budget in its version of the FY10 Budget Resolution. This funding level represents a:

  • $5.3 billion or 10 percent decrease from the Administration’s $53.8 billion request; and
  • $1.3 billion decrease from the total FY09 enacted and pending spending level equaling $49.8 billion, which includes the $38.2 billion base funding level, $4.5 billion approved emergency bridge supplemental and stimulus spending, and pending $7.1 billion emergency supplemental.

The House Budget Committee is expected to continue mark-up of the FY10 Budget Resolution throughout the evening hours, as it considers over 40 amendments. The Committee is expected to pass the House Budget Resolution largely along party lines.

The Senate Budget Committee began mark-up of its version of the FY10 Budget resolution beginning this afternoon with opening statements by Committee Members. On Thursday, March 26th, the Senate will continue the mark-up with a full day of amendments to the proposed budget resolution. The Chairman’s Mark is expected to recommend $49.8 billion for the International Affairs Budget, a $4.0 billion or 7.4 percent cut from the President’s $53.8 billion request. The USGLC will continue to provide updates to our members and continue to work to secure as high of funding as possible for the International Affairs Budget.