November 22, 2019

Congress Passes Month-Long CR to Avoid Thanksgiving Shutdown, Negotiations on Final FY20 Spending Continue

With lawmakers poised to leave town for the Thanksgiving recess, this week Congress approved a second short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the government open for another month as negotiations to finalize FY20 spending continue. The President signed the CR last night, just hours before the current stopgap measure expired.

The CR extends FY19 funding levels through December 20th – buying additional time for Members to reach a bipartisan agreement on topline spending levels (known as 302(b) allocations) for the twelve FY20 appropriations bills, including the State-Foreign Operations bill that funds the vast majority of the International Affairs Budget. With 302(b) allocations in place, Congress can then move forward with finalizing appropriations bills.

Additionally, the CR prevents a lapse in the authorization of the Export-Import Bank – extending it through December 20th. This short-term extension for the Bank comes after the House approved a 10-year reauthorization bill last week. While the House bill is unlikely to be taken up by the Senate, bipartisan Members of Congress and the Administration have voiced their commitment to the long-term reauthorization of the Bank.

As work to finalize FY20 spending continues, the USGLC urges Congress to adopt – at a minimum – the House approved level of $58.4 billion for the International Affairs Budget, which moves closer to providing the resources needed to address today’s growing global threats.