Maine exports $3.4 billion in a diverse range of goods to the rest of the world. From state of the art semiconductors, to wood and paper products, to seafood, Maine’s exports help drive its economic growth. Developing nations such as Malaysia are among the top export markets for goods made in Maine, where overall international trade supports more than 170,000 jobs.

Job Creation

  • In Maine, 170,300 jobs were supported by international trade in 2019, representing 19.9% of all jobs in the state.1,2
  • In 2020, 1,607 companies exported goods from Maine of which 84% were small- and medium-sized enterprises. In 2018, 38,100 people were employed by affiliates of companies at least 50% foreign-owned.3,4

Exports and Growth

  • Maine exported $3.1 billion in goods to foreign markets in 2021, a 35% increase compared to 2020 driven by continued economic recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy.5
    • Canada ($1.8 billion)
    • China ($140 million)
    • Algeria ($114 million)
    • Malaysia ($113 million)
    • Netherlands ($90 million)
  • Agricultural exports are important to Maine's' economy, totaling $354 million in 2020, according to the USDA.6
  • Since 2014, the U.S. Export-Import Bank has financed $64 million in exports from 20 companies in Maine.7

Education and Research

  • During 2020, 1,492 international students were enrolled in Maine colleges and universities and contributed $61 million to the Maine economy.10

Global Engagement

  • Since 1961, 1,987 Peace Corps volunteers from Maine have served in dozens of countries overseas.11