Mariam Keita

Mariam Keita, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Mariam joins the USGLC after working as the executive assistant to the Ambassador of a foreign diplomatic mission in Washington D.C. A top-performing executive assistant, she is experienced in the development, organizing, planning, and coordination of data to ensure appropriate management of day-to-day operations for executive support. Prior to that, Mariam has worked with Customs Border Protection (U.S Homeland Security) for five years as an interpreter processing international passengers’ arrival into U.S soil. She holds three bachelor’s degrees in international relations, foreign languages, and international trade. She also obtained a master’s in international public policy from University College London (United Kingdom). She has lived in 8 countries, visited 29, is multilingual in 5 languages. Her hobbies are traveling, understanding local-international politics, and reading. She is currently writing two fiction books.