Alma Molina

Alma Molina, National Outreach Director

Alma joins the USGLC from Dewey Square Group, bringing over 15 years of experience as a political, communications, and leadership strategist. As a Principal leading DSG’s Public Affairs teams for eight years, she has guided winning campaigns for candidates, causes, and companies seeking to shape public opinion across the country. Leading  field operations and public engagement teams for over 15 years, Alma has mobilized national multicultural leaders, built intersectional coalitions, and advanced the visibility of underrepresented communities. Additionally, Alma brings experience in creating DEI initiatives and programs for corporate and non-profit organizations and is an experienced bilingual media trainer and leadership strategist, having advised Members of Congress, national civil rights leaders and Fortune 10 executives for on-camera interviews, public speaking, and executive leadership development. Prior to her tenure at DSG, Alma worked for the Washington D.C. Council and the U.S. House of Representatives.