Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation – Alice Albright
Millennium Challenge Corporation

Alice Albright

Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation

Alice Albright is Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

This position directs and supervises all activities of the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Ms. Albright previously served as Chief Executive Officer of the Global Partnership for Education’s Secretariat and served in the Obama Administration from 2009 – 2013 as the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM). Prior to EXIM, Ms. Albright held leadership roles at the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) and worked as a banker with a focus on emerging markets.

Past statements on development, diplomacy, and U.S. global leadership:

On Foreign Aid: “We are living in times when foreign aid is under considerable scrutiny – and there is nothing wrong with that. But we should not lose sight of the fact that our world is interconnected, and that what happens in the Americas, in Asia and the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East – affects us all.” (source)

On Education and Development: “Education is central to ending extreme poverty, to improving health outcomes, fighting disease, creating jobs and sustainable growth. It is also a significant contributor to longer term stability – and if we really want to reduce the growing numbers of people who leave their countries each year to seek opportunities elsewhere, we need to make sure their children have access to good quality education in their home countries.” (source)

On Women & Girls: “Women have a critical role to play in society across many dimensions, and if they aren’t educated, they aren’t going to be able to play that role.” (source)

On Afghanistan: “Afghanistan has made significant progress on school enrollment, increasing the number of children enrolled nine-fold in the past 20 years. Girls have accounted for an increasing number of new students…these essential gains must be protected. Providing an equal chance to learn for all girls and boys is critical to building a stable future for Afghanistan.” (source)

On Climate Change: “We must have the human capital… necessary to deal with what is going to be a very uncertain world. That will include more pandemics, the increasing impact of climate change, more migration and unrest… in part due to climate change and economic dislocation and a job market that is completely different and very much divided by those who can thrive in a digital world and those who have are being completely left out of a digital world.” (source)