Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia for USAID – Erin McKee

Erin McKee

Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia

Erin McKee is the Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia at the United States Agency for International Development.

Erin McKee previously served as the U.S. Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. Before becoming ambassador, McKee served as the Mission Director of USAID in Indonesia. McKee has also served at USAID missions in Kazakhstan, Iraq, Peru, Bolivia, Israel, and Russia.

 Past statements on development, diplomacy, and U.S. global leadership:

On Development: I will ensure that what we are pushing out from my embassy to the local level is transparent, equitable, and makes sense for your context. And that that two-way street opportunity to make sure that as we partner and implement programs… that it’s not… one time, and that we check in. How are we doing, are the results visible, is what your government and my government together are doing making sense, and if not, we listen and we correct course.” (Source)

On COVID-19: “We want to accelerate our work with other nations, with the WHO, with UNICEF, with the Global Fund… to expand COVAX support and scale up vaccine manufacturing, supplies, and distribution. Together, we’re increasing the world’s manufacturing capacity so that we can get more shots out the door and into arms as fast as possible.” (Source)

On Democracy: “For democracy to work, voting must be secure… we as voters must be confident that our vote will be counted and not thrown away or spoiled. We must be confident in our political systems and their safeguards… If we are not confident… these doubts can weaken the process.” (Source)

On Climate Change: “Three years ago, scientists starkly warned us that we had 12 years in which to make decisions to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis. Now, already, we are down to just nine years left. And we are into the decisive decade for action and the evidence of urgency is literally all around us.” (Source)