March 28, 2008

USGLC Urges Congress Not to Shortchange Long-term Development Needs

May 28, 2008

Opposes Millennium Challenge Corporation rescission in Senate Supplemental

Today, leaders of the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign (USGLC) expressed their opposition to the proposed cuts to the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) funding to offset increased humanitarian and development assistance to Burma and Jordan in the Senate FY08/FY09 Bridge Supplemental Appropriations bill. The U.S. Global Leadership Campaign firmly believes that given the challenges of the 21st century, emergency funding for U.S. global humanitarian assistance should be additive and not at the expense of other international affairs programs critical to protecting our national security, promoting economic prosperity, and demonstrating our humanitarian values.

“While funding for Myanmar Cyclone relief and assistance to support Jordan’s aid to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees is urgent, it should not come at the expense of America’s long-term development programs essential to combating global poverty and saving millions of lives around the world,” stated Nancy Lindborg, Co-President of the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign.

“This is not an ‘either or’ proposition. Foreign assistance helps provide security at home while meeting humanitarian needs abroad,” said Bill Lane, Co-President of the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign. “Congress should not shortchange existing international affairs programs to meet current emergencies, rather Congress should support both by providing emergency assistance and fully funding the MCC.”

Adequate investments in the International Affairs Budget are critical to building global stability and achieving our national security and foreign policy goals. The U.S. Global Leadership Campaign calls on Congress and the Administration to reject the false choice between short-term and long-term humanitarian and development assistance and restore MCC funding.