April 18, 2020

USGLC Mourns the Passing of Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition President and CEO Liz Schrayer released the following statement on the passing of Secretary Paul O’Neill:

The USGLC joins our nation in mourning the loss of Paul O’Neill, a longtime member of our National Advisory Council, who understood that America’s global engagement is critical to our nation’s prosperity and security. As Secretary of the Treasury, O’Neill directed public attention towards combating poverty and disease in Africa. After a ten-day trip to the continent in 2002, O’Neill said “I believe this: with the right combination of aid and accountability – from both rich nations and poor ones – we can accelerate the spread of education, clean water and private enterprise throughout Africa. We can help the African people create vibrant, self-sustaining economies and a rising standard of living.”

In retirement, upon returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Secretary O’Neill continued supporting projects that would deliver clean drinking water to Africa. His steadfast voice for the role of America’s indispensable global leadership will hold a special place in the hearts of this coalition long after his passing.

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