January 11, 2021

USGLC CEO Statement on Nomination of Bill Burns to Lead CIA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) President and CEO, Liz Schrayer, released the following statement on President-elect Biden’s nomination of Ambassador Bill Burns to lead the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):

Ambassador Burns is an impressive and smart pick to lead the CIA who innately understands the complexity of 21st century threats from his decades of U.S. foreign policy leadership. He is a strong and principled voice for the importance of America’s role in the world and brings a steadfast commitment to diplomacy and global development. A member of the USGLC’s National Advisory Council, Ambassador Burns is deeply respected on both sides of the aisle and we congratulate our long-time friend on this important nomination.

Burns joined the USGLC’s Advisory Council after ending his 33-year career at the State Department as Deputy Secretary of State. The USGLC has had the honor of hosting Ambassador Burns many times over the years, including conversations about his memoir, The Back Channel, as well as numerous public and private events.

The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (www.usglc.org) is a broad-based influential network of 500 businesses and NGOs; national security and foreign policy experts; and business, faith-based, academic, military, and community leaders in all 50 states who support strategic investments to elevate development and diplomacy alongside defense in order to build a better, safer world.