January 20, 2021

USGLC CEO Statement on Day One Action Regarding America’s Global Leadership

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) President and CEO, Liz Schrayer, released the following statement on Executive Orders prepared by the Biden Administration to rejoin the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Accord, along with a commitment to join COVAX.

Right out of the gate, President Biden embraced a commitment to America’s role in the world, starting with a call to “repair our alliances and engage the world” and stating in his inaugural address that, “We can make America once again the leading force for good in the world.” But even more important, the Administration will back these words with action by reclaiming America’s seat at the international table on day one, rejoining the WHO, COVAX, and the Paris Climate Accords. These are the exact right first steps that are essential to our domestic health and economic recovery, critical to our future in addressing the climate crisis, and that will ultimately protect 330 million Americans.

The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (www.usglc.org) is a broad-based influential network of 500 businesses and NGOs; national security and foreign policy experts; and business, faith-based, academic, military, and community leaders in all 50 states who support strategic investments to elevate development and diplomacy alongside defense in order to build a better, safer world.