July 28, 2022

USGLC CEO: Senate SFOPS Bill Advances Interests at Home

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) President and CEO Liz Schrayer issued the following statement on the release of the Senate Fiscal Year 2023 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs (SFOPS) Appropriations bill:

With America’s interests on the line, it is no surprise that the Senate’s FY23 SFOPS bill calls for a serious increase to address the multitude of global challenges impacting every American family every day. The USGLC welcomes this marker, noting that farmers, business, veteran, humanitarian, and faith leaders from across the country have been calling on Congress to increase funding for our nation’s development and diplomacy programs to meet the urgent needs affecting our security and economic interests. Thanks to the steadfast and devoted leadership of retiring Chairman Leahy and the perseverance and passion of SFOPS Chairman Coons, the Senate’s proposal does just that.

Importantly, this bill also recognizes the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19 and the urgency for America to invest now in preparing for the next pandemic by providing desperately needed emergency resources. It has been more than a year since Congress last approved funding for the global COVID-19 response – leaving Americans vulnerable as new and more contagious variants spread, slowing down our recovery at home. We simply can’t afford this wait-and-see approach when lives are on the line.

Now, Congress must turn to the difficult task at hand – reaching a bipartisan spending deal that funds America’s development and diplomacy programs at no less than the Senate proposal. Funding for America’s diplomacy and development tools has long enjoyed wide bipartisan support, and this year should be no exception knowing the day-to-day impact global issues are having locally.



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