November 15, 2022

USGLC CEO on New Ukraine and Global Emergency Supplemental

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition President and CEO Liz Schrayer issued the following statement on the Administration’s request to Congress for additional emergency international resources:

The latest request for additional emergency support for Ukraine, the global food crisis, and the U.S. global pandemic response couldn’t come at a more critical time to address global stability, which impacts American stability every day. We urge Congress to continue their bipartisan leadership in supporting these vital resources that are essential to protecting our nation’s security and economic interests.

As for Ukraine, stepping back at this critical moment is simply a win for Putin. As we have seen over the past nine months, when we support the Ukrainian people, they have demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination. America’s leadership is essential, but it is also imperative that our European allies continue to support Ukraine alongside us. As we go forward, we certainly need to ensure that all these resources are fully accountable and transparent.

Sadly, the war in Ukraine is not the only global crisis causing global disruptions here at home. Emergency resources are also critical to addressing the spiraling global food, energy, and fertilizer crisis. The inclusion of emergency global resources to combat the global pandemic is also an imperative given new COVID-19 variants continue to arrive on our shores, and U.S. global health resources are severely overextended.

As Congress considers this important emergency request, we cannot ignore the ongoing needs for diplomacy, development, and global health resources – which will be equally critical for addressing global instability. We urge Congress to pass a Fiscal Year 2023 International Affairs Budget topline at no less than the House-proposed levels.

These resources are not only about our democratic values, but also are simply in our national interests. Over the past year, we have seen how global disruptions impact American families every day – from soaring prices at the gas pump and grocery stores to supply chain disruptions. We urge Congress to continue its bipartisan commitment to strengthen U.S. global leadership at this critical time to America’s national interests.


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