October 23, 2023

TOMORROW: Over 30 Retired 3- and 4- Star Military Leaders on Capitol Hill Pressing for Emergency Civilian Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel, Global Crises

WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, October 24, a group of over 30 three- and four- star generals and admirals will be on Capitol Hill, urging Members of Congress to support a new national security emergency package to counter rising authoritarian threats, respond to the wars in Ukraine and Israel, and confront growing humanitarian threats and crises.

The group of retired military leaders headed to Capitol Hill – who have served at the highest ranks of the U.S. military – includes retired four-star Generals Anthony Zinni, USMC; Richard Cody, USA; Douglas Fraser, USAF; Michael Hayden, USAF; and James Hill, USA; alongside Admiral James Stavridis, USN.

Ahead of their meetings with Members of Congress, the Co-Chairs of USGLC’s National Security Advisory Council – General Zinni and Admiral Stavridis – released a statement on the need for emergency resources for America’s diplomatic and humanitarian toolkit:

“Alongside investments in military assistance from the Pentagon, a new national security emergency package for the State Department, USAID, and other civilian agencies will be essential for countering our adversaries and competitors, responding to the wars in Israel and Ukraine, strengthening our engagement in the Indo-Pacific, and supporting democratic values around the world.”

On the global threats facing the United States, the Zinni-Stavridis statement adds:

“With rising threats from authoritarianism, terrorism, and global instability, this is not a moment that America can shrink from the global stage. Bolstering America’s diplomatic and development toolkit at this time of global peril is indispensable for U.S. national security.

We urge Congress and the Administration to work together on a bipartisan basis to continue to demonstrate American resolve in support of our allies and partners – and to strengthen U.S. leadership in the face of China’s and Russia’s advances around the world.”

Ahead of the November 17 appropriations deadline, the military leaders will also be urging Congress to support a strong and robust Fiscal Year 2024 U.S. International Affairs Budget, following the significant cuts to the State Department and USAID passed in the House last month.

Members of the USGLC’s National Security Advisory Council are in Washington, DC marking the 15th anniversary of the Council, which includes more than 260 retired three- and four-star generals and admirals, representing five branches of the Armed Forces, united in support of advancing America’s national security by strengthening all the tools of national security — diplomacy and development, alongside a strong defense.

Learn more about the USGLC National Advisory Security Council here.


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