December 4, 2015

New Hampshire Forum: Republican Presidential Campaigns Urge U.S. Engagement Overseas Including Investments in Development and Diplomacy


New Hampshire GOP leaders Juliana Bergeron and Steve Duprey joined surrogates from the Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich, and Rubio campaigns at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics for a foreign policy forum on America’s role in the world

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Video livestream from the panel

MANCHESTER – Seven Republican presidential campaigns joined the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition for its Impact 2016 forum this morning to discuss American global leadership. The forum focused on why strategic investments in development and diplomacy are more critical than ever in our increasingly interconnected world.

New Hampshire GOP National Committeewoman Juliana Bergeron said, “We in New Hampshire take our job of vetting candidates very seriously. With recent events still on all our minds, particularly again after yesterday, we all know that our next president needs to be prepared to deal with the dramatic challenges in these turbulent times throughout the world.”

Steve Duprey, the New Hampshire GOP National Committeeman, added, “I hope that the candidates that come through New Hampshire in the next few months will articulate their vision for this country’s role in the world and how American leadership requires embracing development and diplomacy programs to build a better, safer world.”

NH1’s Political Director Paul Steinhauser moderated the foreign policy discussion on national security, economic development, and American values with the following campaign surrogates:

Governor Jeb Bush – Judge Michael Mukasey, U.S. Attorney General (2007-2009)
Dr. Ben Carson – Major General Robert F. Dees (Ret.)
Governor Chris Christie – Robert “Bob” Grady
Senator Ted Cruz – Senator Bob Smith (R-NH, 1990-2003)
Ms. Carly Fiorina – Representative David Emery (R-ME, 1975-1983)
Governor John Kasich – Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH, 1979-1990)
Senator Marco Rubio – Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT)

Judge Michael Mukasey, who spoke on behalf of Governor Jeb Bush, said, “We have a proven record since World War II of building security alliances and trading partners that are essential to preserving world order… It’s in our interest to see other societies rise so that they can purchase American goods and services and agricultural products.”

Major General Robert F. Dees, speaking on behalf of Dr. Ben Carson, said, “Economic engagement is critical as well and… foreign aid… is an important catalyst. We’re not just talking about foreign aid just in itself, but we’re talking as a jump starter for a lot of public-private sector investment around the world… to generate growth in these other nations and creating economic partnerships that help nations grow out of poverty and hunger.”

Bob Grady, said on behalf of Governor Chris Christie, “Diplomacy is critical and… development is crucial. I think Governor Christie has a philosophy that we should support those countries that are pursuing rule of law, political freedom, economic freedom, growth, policies that will induce growth, which will make the entire world better off.”

Speaking on behalf of Senator Ted Cruz, former Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) said, “Leadership for the U.S. is critical in the world, but we should be very reluctant to deploy military forces abroad…ex-generals, admirals, and veterans, why are they here? Because they know that development and diplomacy are critical.”

Former Representative David Emery (R-ME), speaking on behalf of Ms. Carly Fiorina, said, “Ms. Fiorina is committed to a strong military… She also understands, however, that the role of diplomacy and the role of development around the world is critical to reinforcing that effort.”

Former Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH), who spoke on behalf of Governor John Kasich, said, “John Kasich knows… that the diplomatic and economic parts of our arsenal, if you will, are as important as the military and must be adequately funded.”

Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT), speaking on behalf of Senator Marco Rubio, said, “We may not like this responsibility that we have of American exceptionalism – of America’s role. We may not seek that, but it’s the reality of the world. And if we won’t lead, as Marco has said again and again, we leave the world in a much more chaotic, and a much more dangerous place.”

In addition to the campaign representatives, retired Lieutenant General Daniel Christman spoke on the critical need for American leadership overseas. “Today’s global threats have no single solution and require all our tools of national security and influence. Alongside defense, our nation’s diplomatic and humanitarian efforts are more critical than ever to keep us safe. I know from my military service that we cannot afford to turn inwards as a nation – we must continue to build strategic partnerships, fully engage with our allies, and strengthen our efforts to counter extremism around the world.” General Christman is a former Commandant of the U.S. Military Academy.

“Granite State voters have a special opportunity in this election to ask the Presidential candidates about the critical issues facing our country,” shared USGLC President and CEO Liz Schrayer. “And not surprisingly, the leaders here want to know how all candidates view America’s role in the world, because voters in New Hampshire understand that what happens overseas matters directly to New Hampshire’s economy, security, and values.”

New Hampshire is home to some of the largest global brands and organizations with rapidly growing international operations in emerging markets. More than 1 in 5 jobs in the state are dependent on exports – and in 2014, New Hampshire exported more than $4.4 billion in goods and services to overseas markets making American global leadership a strategic issue for the local community.

Impact 2016 is the USGLC’s nonpartisan initiative to engage and educate all the presidential and congressional candidates on the critical importance of strengthening American global leadership. The web site,, is a go-to resource for voters and journalists to learn more about the candidates’ foreign policy positions. It includes in-depth candidate profiles, quotes, videos, and articles along with continuous updates on what the candidates are saying on the campaign trail.

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Video livestream from the panel:

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