June 11, 2012

Matthew Bartlett Joins USGLC as Senior Advisor for Impact 2012 Campaign

Matthew Bartlett Joins USGLC as Senior Advisor for Impact 2012 Campaign

Washington, DC —Grassroots campaign expert Matthew Bartlett joins the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition today as a Senior Advisor to the organization’s Impact 2012 campaign.  Bartlett will assist in outreach to presidential and congressional candidates on the importance of development and diplomatic programs to U.S. national and economic security.     

“We are thrilled to have Matt’s talents as we work across the country to ensure candidates understand the importance of America’s leadership in the world today,” said USGLC Executive Director Liz Schrayer.

Bartlett was most recently the Director of Coalitions for Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire.  Previously he served as the Deputy Field Director for the ONE campaign, as well as ONE’s Regional Field Director for New Hampshire.  He is a graduate of Fairfield University.

“Continued American global leadership in today’s world is critical to ensuring a better, safer, and more prosperous future for all.  I am honored to join the staff at USGLC and look forward to working across the nation to ensure a smart power approach to American foreign policy is heard from the campaign trail to Capitol Hill and beyond.”

Impact 2012 is an innovative, non-partisan effort to engage Presidential and Congressional candidates around the country on the importance of America’s global leadership chaired by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.

The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (www.usglc.org) is a broad-based influential network of 400 businesses and NGOs; national security and foreign policy experts; and business, faith-based, academic and community leaders in all 50 states who support a smart power approach of elevating development and diplomacy alongside defense in order to build a better, safer world.