May 8, 2019

House Appropriators Reject Deep and Disproportionate Cuts to America’s Civilian Footprint Around the World

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition President and CEO Liz Schrayer released the following statement on the announcement of the Fiscal Year 2020 302(b) allocations by the House Appropriations Committee:

From the unrest in our own hemisphere to the pandemic threat of Ebola to countering China’s moves across the developing world, Congress has reaffirmed that the global challenges America faces are just too great to slash our nation’s civilian footprint around the world.

Leveraging their power of the purse, House appropriators, once again, rejected deep and disproportionate cuts to the International Affairs Budget, providing a 4% increase to the Fiscal Year 2020 State-Foreign Operations bill.

While good news, we know that this funding level remains only notional until Congress secures a comprehensive budget agreement. We urge lawmakers to continue to work towards a deal to ensure essential resources to protect America’s interests in a competitive global arena.

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