November 15, 2012

Global Plum Book Highlights Most Influential Foreign Policy Opportunities in Executive Branch

Washington, DC — The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition today released its Global Plum Book identifying the 100 key leadership positions that will shape the next Administration’s strategy for global development and diplomacy.

“With the election over, the next Administration will need to address the challenges and opportunities facing America throughout the world. This will require good people in key leadership positions,” said Impact 2012 Co-Chairs former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. “It’s time to govern, and it is our hope this resource offers a roadmap to decision makers undertaking the challenge of putting together a team of individuals that will help build a better, safer world.”

The Global Plum Book is part of USGLC’s bipartisan Impact 2012 initiative, which engaged Presidential and Congressional candidates around the country on the importance of America’s Global Leadership. During the 2012 election, both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney answered Impact 2012’s call, incorporating into their national security strategies a “smart power” approach that elevates our civilian-led tools of diplomacy and development alongside a strong defense.

The Global Plum Book derives its name from United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, commonly known as the Plum Book, which is published after every Presidential election and lists over 7,000 Federal civil service positions that may be filled by political appointees.

The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition ( is a broad-based influential network of 400 businesses and NGOs; national security and foreign policy experts; and business, faith-based, academic and community leaders in all 50 states who support a smart power approach of elevating development and diplomacy alongside defense in order to build a better, safer world.