November 12, 2014

Emergency Funding Essential to the Fight Against Ebola

Joy Lammie
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Washington, DC —The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition released the following statement from President & CEO, Liz Schrayer, on the need for additional funding for the U.S. to effectively combat the Ebola crisis:

“The Ebola outbreak is yet another stark reminder that what happens overseas has a very direct impact on America’s security and well-being. As our nation grapples with an unstable world and record levels of humanitarian crises, we must ensure that essential resources are available to win the war against this virus.”

“Congress will certainly look closely at the President’s supplemental request, but it’s clear additional funding is needed to prevent the epidemic from spreading, contain the disease at its source, and treat those who are infected. The United States has — and must continue to — play a leadership role in responding to this global crisis, both as a matter of humanitarian and national security priority. America’s global leadership is indispensable.”

Last week, the President sent Congress an emergency FY15 supplemental request to address the Ebola crisis, both at home and abroad, including $2.9 billion for International Affairs Programs, as well as funding for Health and Human Services, and the Department of Defense. This week both the Senate Appropriations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold hearings on the outbreak and supplemental request.

For a detailed breakdown and analysis of the President’s FY15 supplemental spending request, please visit the USGLC’s online Budget Center.

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