Background on the candidate’s statements, positions, and record on diplomacy, global development, and U.S. international affairs programs.

A former House Member, DEA Administrator, and Under Secretary of Homeland Security, and Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson has long supported America’s role in the world, stating that the U.S. “should assert global leadership” and “lead on the global stage in terms of freedom and democracy and trying to find solutions for stability across the globe – we cannot abandon that responsibility.”

In discussing his worldview, Hutchinson often invokes Ronald Reagan’s vision of global leadership, saying that U.S. foreign policy must protect “our peace and freedoms,” as well as “do what is practical and realistic to support those who want basic freedoms across the globe.”

He believes in the importance of U.S engagement on the global stage, emphasizing that, “It makes sense to me for America to be part of a global discussion and sharing of information on matters that impact us” and that it is essential “to continue to invest in regions of the world that impact us.”

On U.S. global leadership:

  • Addressing the global challenges facing the United States, former Governor Hutchinson has reiterated the need for continued U.S. leadership, stating that “We have to talk about the leadership of America in the world, whenever you have Russia and China taking advantage of any weakness that America shows.”
  • In remarks at the Nixon Presidential Library, he has reiterated the importance of alliances, stating that “Cooperation with allies is key to solving global issues. America can’t abandon international organizations because, otherwise, China and Russia fill the vacuum. And the future of U.S. foreign policy points not only to Asia, but also southward into Latin America.”
  • Hutchinson has spoken out on the threat of isolationism, voicing his opposition saying, “you have this wing of the party that is more isolationist, and that is dangerous for America, is dangerous for our freedoms and dangerous for stability and peace in the world.”

On the global competition with China:

  • Former Governor Hutchinson believes that China is a threat to the U.S economically and has noted that the U.S. “should hold China accountable” saying that “for too long, America has been dependent upon China for the stabilization of our economy.” At the same time, he believes in continuing a trade partnership with China, but “it must be one that protects American interests and promotes American ideals.”
  • Although it may be unavoidable, he does not want a new Cold War with China, expressing that “Armed conflict with China is not in the interest of any nation. I will leverage regional alliances and rebuild the U.S. military, including bolstering the naval fleet, as a means of deterrence to ensure peace and stability in the region.”
  • On protecting Taiwan, he believes in its defense and has said that “the Communist leadership must know our determination to not allow Taiwan to become another victim of China’s expansion.” He also added that “I acknowledge that safeguarding America’s vital interests may necessitate a more confrontational approach with China. Ultimately, I am committed to doing what is necessary to protect the security of the United States and maintaining open sea lanes in international waters.”

On the war in Ukraine:

  • Governor Hutchinson has long believed that Russia represents a significant threat to “our national security and a threat that must be taken seriously.” In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he added, “We must be tough on Russia and that starts with not backing down from Putin.”
  • He has been outspoken advocate for Ukraine, saying ”we must continue to support Ukraine in in its fight against Russia. The people of Ukraine have a right to decide their own future, and we know all too well the designs of evil dictators like Vladimir Putin and their disdain for American ideals of freedom.”
  • In calling for continued U.S. assistance, he has said “there is a national interest in our support of Ukraine” and that “I’m supporting our funding of the fight in Ukraine because if we show weakness there, then you’re gonna have our aggressors take more significant action like China toward Taiwan.”