Background on the candidate’s statements, positions, and record on diplomacy, global development, and America’s role the world

On U.S. global leadership:

  • Former Denver Mayor and Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper has called for a strengthening of U.S. engagement in the world and described America’s role as a “beacon for democracy and human dignity.”
  • He has been critical of those who advocate for America to play a smaller role on the world stage, saying “an isolated America is a weaker America.”
  • In a foreign policy speech laying out his vision, he called for robust military and diplomatic capacity – a strategy he called, “full security”.

On diplomacy and global development:

  • Governor Hickenlooper has said, “Diplomacy is crucial. Decades of American leadership and diplomacy have created a safer and more prosperous world – whether in post-war Europe, Northern Ireland, the Balkans, or the Middle East. Multilateral institutions like the UN help keep that peace.”
  • He has called for a robust State Department, as well as maintaining strong alliances noting that as president he will “make sure America’s diplomatic, military, and intelligence capabilities remain the strongest and most respected in the world.”
  • The governor has spoken out on the return on investment from global development for America’s economic interests, saying, “getting rid of the USAID purchases for foreign aid, that would directly affect the prices of corn and wheat in this state, which we’re already at some of the lowest commodity prices.”

On global health:

  • In a recent foreign policy address, Governor Hickenlooper called pandemics a truly global issue “which cannot be addressed in isolation” and that “will require constant engagement.”
  • On the campaign trail, he has said we cannot address “global pandemics like Ebola… without constant engagement with the entire world.”

On democracy and human rights:

  • Governor Hickenlooper has been critical of those who do not believe in advancing American values on the world stage, stating, “Some on the left and right today shy away from supporting democracy and human rights abroad… I could not disagree more.”
  • He has linked promoting American values to confronting the “spheres of influence” of other major powers which “deny basic rights and suppress the desire for self-rule” adding that “our security and prosperity are shaped by the kinds of governments that surround us.”

On alliances and global economic engagement:

  • Noting the importance of international agreements to advancing American interests, Governor Hickenlooper has emphasized the value of U.S. global leadership saying, “Our alliances are not charity toward other countries. They are something we do for our own security. They are early warning systems – force multipliers – cost savers. By reviving our leadership, we are not only making our country safer, but we’re making our country more prosperous.”
  • As governor of Colorado, he led trade missions to India, Japan, China, Turkey, and Israel.

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