Past Event / June 30, 2011

Fargo, ND: Berg, Dahl, Haugen, Wald


About the Event:

On June 30, 2011, the USGLC was on the road in Fargo, North Dakota hosting a group of more than 60 community and business leaders gathered at North Dakota State University for a panel discussion on economic and national security. General Charles Wald, former Deputy Commander of United States European Command and native North Dakotan delivered a powerful keynote address on the impact of the International Affairs Budget to North Dakota families and businesses.

Congressman Rick Berg highlighted the importance of programs funded by the budget to state’s prosperity and stated that he and others in the North Dakota congressional delegation have a unique opportunity to serve as leaders in Congress on these issues.

General Wald and Congressman Berg were joined by other distinguished North Dakotans, Major General Michael Haugen, former Adjutant General of the Dakota and international businessman Howard Dahl, president of Amity Technology.

A special thanks to our event partners at North Dakota State, the Greater West Fargo Moorhead Chamber of Commerce, the North Dakota Trade Office and Dakota Defense Alliance for helping organize such a spectacular event!

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Gen. Charles Wald (Ret.)
Co-Chair, Veterans for Smart Power

Honorable Rick Berg
U.S. House of Representatives

Maj. Gen. Mike Haugen (Ret.)
Former Adjutant General of North Dakota

Howard Dahl
President & CEO, Amity Technology

Dr. Dean Bresciani
President, North Dakota State University

Dean Gorder
Executive Director, North Dakota Trade Office

Craig Whitney
President, Greater West Fargo Moorhead Chamber of Commerce

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