Helping to kick off USGLC’s new Global Economic Hub, South Dakota Trade’s Luke Lindberg moderates a critical discussion on how “Economic Security is National Security.”

  • White House’s Amos Hochstein on economic security: “On the issue of understanding economic policy, and national security, and how they’re intertwined, I would actually argue that the mistake that we make is that we say, ‘Are they connected?’ They’re not connected, they’re one… When we try to separate is when we start getting into trouble.”
  • General Doug Lute on America’s alliances: “There’s no better example of the intertwining of national security and economic security than… our relationship with Europe… A $7 trillion economic relationship is secured by NATO, arguably the most durable, strongest, most important security arrangement that we have.”
  • Citi’s Candi Wolff on how America is stepping up: “But I think what’s really important is ten years ago, we weren’t even really having a conversation that economic security and national security were intertwined… We’re stepping up in different ways and … beginning to show the power of economic strength to handle national security.”