Welcome to the Heartland Hub

September 28, 2021 By Alex Grant

Welcome to the USGLC Heartland Hub!

This brand new site will be your landing page USGLC’s activity in the Heartland. Since USGLC launched the Heartland Initiative 2017, we’ve traveled the country speaking to local leaders, hosting Members of Congress, and hearing remarkable stories of impact. Whether it is addressing global hunger, providing critical supplies to those in need, or exporting life-saving vaccines—the Heartland heals the world. We’re thrilled to have this new platform where we can highlight these incredible stories, along with the multitude of activities in your state and opportunities to get engaged.

In 2021, we’ve been asking what is foreign aid worth to the Heartland? For Rick Burns, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s about providing life-saving resources for residents of this war-torn region. For Peter McCornick at the University of Nebraska, it’s about improving water management for agriculture to address food security challenges. And for Jason Andringa at Vermeer, it’s about >creating new jobs here at home by investing in the developing world, home to the worlds fastest growing economies.

While each of these stories may be different, what they each have in common is a firm belief in America’s global leadership – that American aid – strategic investments in diplomacy and development – are essential to protecting our national security, advancing our economic interests, and projecting the best of American values.

So, what’s foreign aid worth to you and your family? Let us know! This platform is intended to not just be a resource for you, but the launch of a partnership. We want to hear your stories, host you at our events, and be active members of your community. Sign up to receive updates, and check this site frequently for new stories, new fact sheets, and new opportunities.

We’re excited to continue to learn, converse, and showcase the global reach of America’s Heartland.