Watch: Petraeus Talks about the Other Two D’s

February 26, 2010 By Andy Amsler

Head of U.S. Central Command General David Petraeus spoke to a packed audience of over 600 people on not just defense, but the importance of 2 other D’s—development and diplomacy—and the vital role these civilian-led tools play in 21st century U.S. national security.  Co-hosted by the USGLC and the Tampa Bay Council on World Affairs on Wednesday, February 3, the event focused on the importance of global engagement to both Florida and the United States.

Watch the videos below or on USGLC’s YouTube page.

This event also marked the launch of the Putting Smart Power to Work campaign in Florida, as well as the new Florida State Advisory Committee, a group of government, military, business and faith-based leaders from the state committed to educating Floridians on the importance of a smart power foreign policy approach.  This distinguished group of individuals will be working across the state of Florida, holding meetings with their members of Congress and raising awareness of how crucial smart power is to Florida’s security and prosperity.